The Favour & Grace Culture

What the executives say...

"Culture is among the top 5 things that add value to our company"
"Our corporate culture is exactly where it needs to be"
"Culture and engagement is one of my top challenges

The problem is obvious, the solution... not so much

“Reading the air” is common practice in Japan. It’s about reading the atmosphere of the situation. Culture is a lot like the wind (or air) and we all know how to recognise its influence, but do we know how to control it? Favour & Grace have broken down the elements of culture in a tangible way, with something you can actually control. A good cup of coffee is present in most aspects of our culture. Take the leap with us to see how a change in your coffee can influence your culture.

Our thoughts on culture:

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" - Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) Ideally, your company needs to know why it
We are now firmly in the midst of the festive feeling. Can you feel the productivity dropping? Some of your
The Influence of Habits Habits and rituals are both a consequence and an influencer of corporate culture. In many cases,
The Influence of Office space on Culture "The office" in some industries is becoming an outdated idea, in others it
Achieving mass participation in an era where no one cares Ever received mass-invitations for company-wide blood donations, wellness seminars, team
Assessing your immediate atmosphere Your environment’s culture is not just the way things get done, it’s the way you and

Time to get intentional about your culture?