The audacious plan of transforming status quo corporate culture through coffee.

The Founding

Working as employees at vastly different companies, we as co-founders had the same questions...

Why is this great company not thriving? Where is the company going and what is the purpose of my work here? How can I create a space to be fruitful and experience fulfillment in my day-to-day work?

Ultimately; How do I shape the culture of the company?

For us, the short answer to this complex question of company culture is - Instill vision, work on strategy and create structure... and use coffee as a platform to impart.

The audacious plan

1. Build a coffee roastery

2. Use coffee as a platform to impart and bring change.

3. Influence individuals' culture

4. Transform companies' culture

Our Contribution

We want to simplify the complex puzzle of culture for companies, connect the transformation to coffee and enable the fulfilment of visions.

Our passion is to assist companies in this transformation by

establishing vision,

plotting strategy,

and creating a value structure

to shape culture.

The road we are on

Our vision is to transform Corporate Culture into a Kingdom Culture. We believe the resolution to the unfruitful state that many companies find themselves in, is a Kingdom Culture. It is a culture of honour, it serves instead of being served, it transforms lifeless situations into life-giving opportunities and it hosts peace, joy and righteousness.