The Favour & Grace Culture

Everyone lives culture, it is the ‘software’ that dictates much of our behaviour. We all feel the influence of the culture at our place of work, whether good or bad, and we all play our part in shaping that culture. Favour & Grace Coffee Company was started by two chemical engineers, Werner and Christoff. Having worked in industry we have seen how bad coffee in a boring location can influence culture. We have also seen that culture is mainly an emergent entity, with very little effort going into shaping culture intentionally. We have set out to become intentional about our culture first. Our founding principles are Servanthood, Faith, Generosity and Honour and our culture is developed to embody these principles. No culture can be assessed or altered if the foundation is not set – principles and vision. Of course there are many aspects to developing an excellent culture, and for each company it will be different. That is why we have developed the culture driver tree. 

The Culture Driver Tree

Decision Making

Knowledge Management







Known Vision

Personal Wellness

Personal Fit in Company

Task Satisfaction

Ethical Treatment

Consistent Boundaries

Group Space

Social Space

Individual Space

Software Tools

Hardware Tools

Interested in getting intentional about your culture?